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felicitas_draco's Journal

Draco Malfoy
5 June
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Name: Draco Malfoy
Age: 470ish
Birthday: June 5, 1980
Occupation: Unspeakable
PB: Paul Bettany

Appearance: Years of constant worry and bad anxiety has left Draco looking a little older than most his age; his hairline is receding (however he'll deny it fervently) and his face is weathered.

As far as physical fitness goes, years of inactivity has taken its toll on him. He's no longer as fit as he once was, considering the last time he actually got on a broom was a little over a decade ago. He's 6'2" with a very lanky-esque frame, to the point where it really looks as if he's more bone than muscle and fat. But he's got a very lean build, somewhat sinewy, and so makes up for his lack of strength with his speed.

Personality: Such trauma and tragedy at such an early age left Draco Malfoy somewhat jaded, having grown up years before he was truly meant to. He has a slightly twisted sense of humor, and still gets a bit of a kick out of seeing his past enemies in a rut. But he's wiser now, if not a little cynical, and likes to amuse himself with the unease and uncertainty most other people regard him with.

History and Upbringing: Draco was born the only son to Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy. Growing up, he had everything he could have ever wanted, and possibly even more than that, however a happy, pleasant boy this did not make. He was no stranger to the idea of entitlement, and personally thought he deserved everything he wanted, but his years in Hogwarts did well to prove to him that this was not always the case. Because of this, he’d always been a fairly bitter, petty boy growing up, focusing much of his attention on Harry Potter and his friends, trying to make sure they got what “they deserved.”

However, all this changed when it came to his sixth year, when he was personally chosen by Voldemort to carry on the task of murdering Albus Dumbledore, with the threat of losing his family. Miracle of miracles, Draco actually came very close, and would have done it, had not his conscience gotten in the way.

His role did not change much by the time his seventh year rolled around; his entire family was directly under Voldemort’s thumb the whole time, and none could escape without the threat of death. He, his mother, and his father were among the few of the Death Eaters to actually survive the War without much persecution. However it was not until Draco was in his mid-20s that the Malfoy name was reprieved.

Since then the Malfoy family had been keeping a very low profile. Their good name tarnished, the Malfoys wanted nothing more than to simply disappear from the radar, at least until they were on solid enough ground to start over.

At 29, Draco married longtime girlfriend (she-who-will-not-be-named-quite-yet), though at the very high cost of his father’s respect and approval. Though the War had long passed, Lucius Malfoy frowned deeply upon Draco’s marrying a half-blood. How else, Lucius thought, would the Malfoy family ever regain their good name?

Things were made worse at the birth of Scorpius, whom Lucius then came to see as physical evidence of Draco’s “betrayal” to his family name. Draco’s decisions caused very heavy strains on the family; he and his father now are sort of estranged. Though the two still talk, it is very stiffly, and Scorpius (nor his wife) is almost never mentioned.

Despite all this, Draco loves his wife and son very much, although it would be lying to deny a touch of bitterness in his part. He would have liked to raise his family with his family, however he constantly makes sure Scorpius sees none of this.

Current State of Mind: Uh. Draco >>>>>>>>>>>>>> Everybody?

*serious now*

Because of the Ministry’s current geneology efforts and his job as an Unspeakable, Draco is hardly ever home, although he makes a conscious effort to make every dinner time or the holidays, at the very least. He loves both his wife and his son very dearly, but there is that obvious strain there because of his father’s influence, though Draco tries very hard not to let this show. Basically? Draco tries to be the husband and father that his father was—always thinking about and looking out for his family, no matter the cost. It’s just that lately, Draco’s been concerned as to what the ‘cost’ really is.

Role In the Plot: In his mid-20s Draco was approached by the Ministry. They bargained with him, requesting any information he knew about Voldemort and the Death Eaters (but more importantly, Voldemort’s ideas/plans on genocide) in exchange for the official reprieve of the Malfoy family and name. Draco accepted, but of course he did so on his grounds—not only was the Malfoy name pardoned, but he had also secured himself a job as an Unspeakable. He’s been working with the Department since then, and actually holds one of the (if not the) highest positions there, but, of course, all information on that is Classified. ♥

As far as his loyalties go, they have always (and will always) been to himself and his family. Though, granted, he is now somewhat torn between his father’s ideals and his wife and son’s lives, Draco manages to walk the very fine rope of being ‘neither this nor that’. Basically—he’ll do what he can for his family, but not at the risk of his family.

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